A New York Wedding

Borgerlig vigsel i New York


You have chosen New York for your wedding - the city I call the "world's largest small town".

Special, personal, joyful, spiritual, memorable ....
It would be a privilege to prepare a personally tailored wedding ceremony together with you, 

reflecting your love, and the story bringing you together. 

I feel I have the best of jobs, I get to be in the middle of your love story, 

I get to know you a little and find just the right way to celebrate your love in a beautiful way.
I want you to feel that I am a friend you trust fully, which allows for a relaxed setting where everything that happens is as it should be .
It is your day, we are there to make really beautiful memories for you, and it is very important to me that there is complete harmony .
With that in mind I have assembled a great team with professional, and also very nice people, 

I can recommend for photos, flowers and other needs. Most of the images here are captured by Michael Skoglund.
My experience as a musical theatre artist, a certified Sound & Music Healing Practitioner and licensed NYC tour guide, 

gives me great tools to help you build the ceremony you want, knowledge of the city, simple spiritual rituals, that can make your moment even more memorable, and help you find music, and musicians to perform it. 

I welcome couples from all of life's beautiful spectra.
We're One Race, The Human race.

If you are already married, and want to show your continued love, by renewing your vows, I will be honoured to help with this too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Contact me for fees and booking at [email protected]

 "New York New York is a helluva town, the Bronx is up and the Battery's down"

Marriage license is to be obtained from City Clerk , NYC

141 Worth Street 
New York NY

Marriage license can be obtained 21 days before the wedding,  this license is valid from 24hrs after registration, up to 60 days.
The license permit will be signed by wedding officiant, you the couple and at least one witness directly after the nuptials, 
and sent by wedding officiant, in the envelope provided to City Clerk, 
or as I recommend, you go back and get it in person which will be faster.